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Online Child Psychology Course in India


Certificate in Child Psychology

Short Course : (ONLINE / e-Learning)

Course Code : G – CCHP

Estimated Study Time : 35 Hrs

Validity : 3 Months

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Online Child Psychology Course India – Study and Exam Online Online Child Psychology Course India

Certificate in Child Psychology ( Online – Short Course)

Course Description:

Anyone who works with or is involved with children requires an understanding of Child Psychology.

This is a course for:


Child Care Workers

Teachers People who work in childrens services Toy manufacturers, play leaders, or anyone else with an interest in how children behave. Gain knowledge and understanding of how children think, cognitive and language development and children’s socialization. Child psychology is concerned with the development of a person over the course of their childhood. This involves the development of a child’s mental processes (ie. cognitive development) as well as emotional and social behavior. It is important to state that development does not end at adulthood. Adults continue to experience changes in their mental, emotional and social behaviors. Some characteristics are however more easily developed and changed during childhood. For convenience, a distinction is made between the cognitive, emotional and social aspects of behavior. However, this distinction is purely theoretical. It is made simply to help us learn and understand. In reality, the different aspects of behavior interact with each other. When problems develop in any area of development they usually become rapidly evident in other areas as well. The study of child psychology is partly concerned with identifying such interrelationships.

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