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  Online Event Management Course India

    Certificate in Event Management

    Course Description

Event management is a glamorous and exciting profession which demands a lot of hard work and dynamism. As the name suggests, it means conceptualizing, planning, organizing and finally executing an event. The event could be of any type – musical show, concert, exhibition, product launching etc. This industry is just six years old in India, but holds a lot of promise for expansion. It offers enormous scope for ambitious young people.

Event management jobs are the best option for people with an out-going and friendly nature. The jobs require go-getters who are always on the move. They must have the zest and zing to make events happen. They must be good with their communication skills and also presentable as they are always interacting with important people. An aspirant in event management should’ve cruising in him, a passion for events and flexibility of time and schedule.

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Certificate in Event Management Short Course: J-CEM

Units of Study
Introduction to Event Management

  • The event planning profession
     Preliminary Steps to Plan an Event

• Consult with the Client
• Set Objectives
• Choose a Date
• Decide Who to Invite
• Create Your Theme
• Set the Event Agenda

Get Organized

• Establish an Event Committee
• Timeline Schedule
• Budgets
• Crisis and Backup Planning
• The Rehearsal

Services and Specializations

• Social Events
• Corporate Events
• Industry Events
• Special Events


• Finding a Venue
• Space Requirements
• Creating an RFP
• Site Inspection
• Site Confirmation
• Pre-Event Meeting


• Advertising
• Publicity
• Sponsorships


• Types of Vendors
• How to Find Vendors
• Choosing Vendors
• Vendor Contracts
• Tips for Specific Types of Vendors
• Coordination with the Suppliers

  Event Day

• The day of the event
• After the Event / Event Evaluations

Students Email : admin@royaleinstitution.com
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