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Online Hotel Management Course / F&B Course India


Online Hotel Management Course / F&B Course India – Study and Exam Online

Certificate in Food & Beverage

Study Units / Chapters
Introducing food and beverage management

Size and scope of food and beverage operations
Food and beverage management
Managing the meal experience

The restaurant sector

Full service restaurants and licensed retail
Hotel restaurants and private clubs
Fast food

Contract, travel and public sector catering

Contract catering
Travel catering
Public sector

Developing the concept

The concept
Feasibility study
The business plan
Financing the operation
Facility design and layout
Further reading

The menu: Food and beverage

Type of menus
Menu offering
Menu pricing
Food and beverage operations

Purchasing and storage
The purchasing procedure
Price and quality performance
The purchasing of foods
The purchasing of beverages
Receiving of food
Storing and issuing food
Stocktaking of food
Receiving of beverages
Storing and issuing of beverages

Food and beverage operations

Production and service
Food production methods
Beverage production methods
Food and beverage service methods

Food and beverage control

The objectives of food and beverage control
Special problems of food and beverage control
The fundamentals of control
The reality of control
Setting the budget and break-even analysis
Basic concepts
Methods of food control
Methods of beverage control
EPOS reporting
Food and beverage control checklists
Revenue control
Profit sensitivity analysis and menu engineering
Systems of revenue control
Computerized systems
Operating ratios
Staffing issues

Structure of labour
Staff turnover
Staff training
Legal framework
Staff scheduling
Supervision and communication
Further reading
10 Food and beverage marketing
Public relations
Sales promotion
Personal selling and up selling

Managing quality in food and beverage operations

What is quality?
Why is quality important?
Managing quality in food and beverage operations
A systematic approach to quality management
Developing approaches to quality management
Examples of quality management in practice

Trends and developments

Consumer trends
Environmental issues
Financing the operation
Ethical issues
High tech food
Career Opportunities

Food and beverage attendant
Bar attendant
Host / Hostess
Bottle shop attendant
Room service staff Kitchen hands
Catering staff
Cafe and fast food outlet cooking crew
Housekeeping and laundry staff
Small business catering operations
Retail food outlets

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