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Online Wedding Planning Course India


Online Wedding Planning Course India – Online Wedding Planner

Certificate in Professional Wedding Planning
Course Description

How to start making money from Wedding Planning

To help you get started in your Wedding Planning business, we have created the best home-based Wedding Planner business start up guide provided -“How to Start Making Money from Wedding Planning”.

This short course gives you all the inside tips to running a profitable wedding planner business. The course is full of information to help you be a success in this business.

Course Content

The course package includes all your management tools to help you get your business started. Course manual, a wedding budget, wedding checklist, sample invoice , photo checklist, planner, reception house survey, reception checklist, marketing letters, wedding certificate instructions, wedding photo checklist plus more!

We cover all the steps you must do to set yourself up as a business. Areas we cover: Sample Invoice, camera settings, charge out rates, marketing, equipment required, how to advertise your services, how to promote yourself, how to write up a contract and examples plus much more.
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For Course and Fees Details : admin@royaleinstitution.com
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    I am Interested with your course

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